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Erik Wold's Diabetes info (eng)



My name is Erik Wold. I am 35 years old and live in Norway.

My main interests are:

  • Christian theology, Herod and his family, greek manuscripts papyrus etc.
  • As a diabetic I have interest in Insulin pumps and humalog.
  • Guitar playing. I got a Fender Strat 84-mod.
  • Offset printing machines Heidelberg GTO, prepress equipment Linotronic 300.
  • Collecting copies of Greek MSS of the New Testament.
  • Flavius Josephus and Herod the Great and his wife's and children.
  • My favorite web site is Resource Page for Biblical Studies
  • Flyback Power Supplies and Fast Chargers for NiCd and Lead Acid Batteries.

If you share some of my interests, please send me an E-mail.





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